Jerome N. Freedman, Ph. D.

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·         Network traffic profiling, performance analysis, security and troubleshooting, protocol decoding, intrusion detection, TCP/IP, VoIP, database protocols

·         SQL and secure RDBMS Database Application Program Development, front end tools for RDBMS, CASE

·         Image Processing, Visual Programming, GUI, Object Oriented Programming, Work Flow

·         eCommerce website design, Word Processing (startup company founder), Office Automation

·         Expert witness, corporate training, course design, J.C. professor

·         Five patent applications through NAI: (1) packet reassembly, (2) multiplexed request and reply packets, (3) heuristic determination of protocols, (4) intrusion detection, and (5) network analyzer co-processor




LANGUAGES         C, C++, Java, PHP, Perl, 4GL, COBOL, FORTRAN, PL/1, BASIC, and PASCAL assembler

NETWORK             TCP/IP (HTTP, FTP, POP3, SMTP, TelNet, SNMP, NNTP, VoIP, RTP, RTCP, SIP), NetWare, Lotus Notes

DATABASE           Sybase, MS SQL Server, Informix, Oracle, Ingres, HP Image, dBase, cTree, cForm, HPS

OS                             Windows COM/DCOM/SDK/DDK/MFC/Visual C++, Unix/Linux, DOS, Macintosh

HARDWARE         Sun, Sequent, IBM and other Unix platforms, PCs, Macintosh, HP3000, VAX, Mainframes.




Micro Applications & Hardware (MICAH), Greenbrae, CA: Independent Consultant                 1979-present


·         The Technical Committee, Palo Alto, CA: ( Consulting to the members of the Technical Committee to monitor Microsoft’s compliance with its obligations under the final judgment issued by the Department of Justice (DOJ). Responsibilities are related to the Microsoft Communications Protocols Program, and discoveries were so convincing that the DOJ has changed it’s procedures in cases like this. These resulted in  a substantial change in the direction the Technical Committee is attacking Microsoft compliance issues. Responsible for hiring several additional engineers for TheTC. Represent the Members on the Microsoft Troika project, described in public documents on the DOJ web site.

·         NetPredict, Inc, Menlo Park, CA:  Designed a Packet Capture (PCF) capability for NetCalibrator using the Berkeley Packet Filter (BPF – developed by Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory) libpcap library and driver based on tcpdump made publicly available by Politecnico di Torino as winpcap. PCF integrates with NetCalibrator using a custom designed socket interface.  Enhanced PCF to include RTP and RTCP protocols. This is ongoing contract work ( Currently in the final stages of development of 24x7 monitoring using a linux server and the code base of PCF.

·         NewTerra Inc., Mill Valley, CA: ( Developed real estate lead generation website using PHP, MySQL, Photoshop and Dreamweaver. This site creates custom web pages for real estate agents and brokers who subscribe for a market share.

·         Prem Mala Enterprises, Larkspur, CA: ( osCommerce website development using PHP, MySQL, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Site Build It ( and HTML using CSS.

·         JR Affiliates, Sausalito, CA: ( Designed job news and information website using PHP, MySQL, Photoshop, Dreamweaver and API's for Google, RSS/XML feeds and others.

·         Also did website design and maintenance for,,  and


WildPackets, Inc., Walnut Creek, CA: Senior Software Engineer                                                                      2002-2003


·         Converted EtherPeek NX Expert written in Delphi to Visual Studio.NET using COM interfaces to process packets and access the results. The protocol specifications were deduced from an XML file.

·         Contributed to a small team designing the next generation expert product (Orca), especially in the areas of long term data storage, trend analysis, latency and throughput analysis, and gigabit Ethernet data reduction techniques.


Network Associates, Inc., Santa Clara, CA: Senior Software Engineer, Software Architect           1995-2002


·         Implemented the Segmentation and Reassembly engine (patents 1, 3) for portable protocol interpreter decodes (PPI). Completed protocol decodes for Oracle TNS/SQL*Net – Net8, Sybase and Microsoft SQL Servers, and Lotus Notes for the Sniffer Network Analyzer with complete reassembly of messages passing between clients and servers. Solved a recurring defect in several protocols involving multiplexed request and reply packets (patent 2) with an elegant solution that resulted in a generic fix that could be applied to multiple protocols. Trained many software engineers on Expert (patent 4) and PPI development, including several in Pune, India, Dallas and NAI Labs in Los Angeles.

·         Responsible for design, coding, implementation and testing of the following session and application layer  Expert protocols in C++ using COM and DCOM objects:  Oracle TNS/SQL*Net – Net8, Sybase/Microsoft SQL Server, Lotus Notes, FTP, TFTP, NNTP, POP3, SMTP, RLOGIN, RSH, TELNET, among others.  Also implemented filter and display on selected objects.

·         Designed a cPCI single board computer (SBC) application accelerator (AA) to run in conjunction with a master SBC running Distributed SnifferPro (patent 5). The purpose of this SBC is to accelerate applications which require network frames. The frames are obtained from up to four custom designed Gigabit Ethernet SBCs in the same cPCI chassis as the AA. The AA is designed to handle intrusion detection, expert analysis, VoIP, multisegment analysis, application performance metrics, enhanced monitoring and adaptive filtering, firewall protection, virus elimination, and mobile network analysis. Applied for a patent for this work.

·         Designed Application Monitoring for Intenet Suite (HTTP, FTP, SMTP, POP3, TELNET, and NNTP), Database Suite (Oracle, Sybase), and Application Suite (Lotus Notes). Developed Application Response Time management information base (MIB) for Sniffer Pro.

·         Wrote a NGC Total Network Visibility Guide, How Sybase and Microsoft SQL Server Databases Impact Network Performance for the marketing department as well as wrote and delivered classes on Introduction to SQL and Troubleshooting Sybase and Microsoft  SQL with Expert

·         Wrote a program to capture network packets using the Berkeley Packet Filter and libpcap and analyze them using the Hifn MeterFlow packet classification engine. The results are displayed using an inhouse demonstration program. Wrote a similar program for utilizing the WebConsole user interface with packets captured in a similar manner.


TRW Financial Systems, Oakland, CA: Consulting Software Designer and Project Manager                      1989-1994


·         Sybase CT-Library C language interface, stored procedures, interprocess communications with message queues, and DCE/RPC development for image based print packets in a Sun/Solaris environment.

·         4GL image based application development using Plexus and Microsoft Windows SDK.

·         Embedded SQL coding in C on the Sun and Plexus 4GL on the PC's for the Informix database.

·         Strong data modeling and database design for image based table driven data entry (TDDE) system as well as document image systems for the processing of warrantee registration cards. Created internal and external design documentation (functional specifications) for TDDE and several image based work flow systems. Managed the software development efforts for a pilot project which became a multi-million dollar contract.

·         Delivered sales support presentations leading to major contracts.


Sybase, Inc., Emeryville, CA: Senior Software Engineer and Project Leader                                                       1988-1989


·         C language implementation of DECnet‑Ultrix on a Vax for Sybase Secure SQL Server (B1 level of trust).

·         Led the C language porting efforts of the Sybase Secure Sybase SQL Toolset to VAX/VMS (two releases), VAX/SEVMS and Sun OS MLS (multi-level secure system).

·         C language development of a Secure Server Simulator and a Trusted Multiplexor (a Sybase Open Server application) on a VAX under VMS and SEVMS.




Select Information Systems, Inc., Kentfield, CA: President, Vice President, Founder                                      1981-1982


·         Designed, developed and implemented in ASM, C and RATFOR SELECT, the first micro computer based word processing package which contained its own self‑teaching module, a merge print facility and a spelling checker.

·         Managed a team of 12‑15 software engineers, documentation specialists, QA engineers and support staff. Responsible for negotiating contracts with DEC, Altos, NEC, Victor Business Products, and others.


Micro Applications & Hardware (MICAH), Greenbrae, CA: Independent Consultant                 1979-present


·         Oracle Corp., Belmont, CA:  Evaluated and maintained Oracle's Ally Development environment.

·         Alliance Data Systems, Redwood Shores, CA:  Used Microsoft Visual C++ and MFC to build and enhance a TIFF file viewer.  Ported the Silicon Graphics TIFF library to run efficiently under Microsoft Windows..

·         WellsFargo Bank, San Francisco, CA:  Implemented an image handoff application for transporting images from a Banctec sorter to various bank applications on Sun Solaris 2.3 and HPUX using C and Informix 4GL/Embedded SQL compiler.  Designed and implemented the work flow manager for this project, including database schema, data model, and DBA activities.

·         ASCI, Mountain View, CA: Developed PERL script to control access to distributor directory for the website.

·         Brobeck, Palo Alto, CA: Expert witness activities, including patent reviews from Sun and IBM related to Java, JDBC, J2EE and other technical issues for one of America’s leading law firms.

·         Prime Computer, San Francisco, CA:  Wrote report specifications for a Kaiser-Permanente project.

·         Bechtel Petroleum, Inc., San Francisco, CA:  Developed supervisory data acquisition and control system.

·         Walker Interactive Products, San Francisco, CA: C language development of PC‑to‑Mainframe connection software. Modified assembly language IRMA emulator software for the 3078 terminals.  Development in C and assembler of a FORTRAN-to-C translator and an execution time interface between COBOL, assembler and C.

·         Altos Computer Systems, San Jose, CA:  C language development of word processing and office automation software under XENIX.

·         Zenprise, Inc., Fremont, CA: Developed network discovery techniques for finding computers, operating systems, and running services for monitoring and controlling applications with a feedback loop from a central console. Wrote discovery functions for ICMP, ARP, LDAP, TCP/UDP port scan, and WMI in C++.


Developed proprietary marketable software, including accounting programs (G/L, A/R, A/P and Payroll) in BASIC, a versatile printer graphics package in FORTRAN, and CP/M and MP/M operating systems for Z80-based computers in Z80 assembler. Invented and implemented in C/C++ a proprietary forms‑oriented visual programming application development environment called cForm, which has been ported to Unix, and Macintosh based systems. cForm clients include:


·         Sigma Software, East Hartford, CT:  developed a client management vertical market package for the insurance industry.

·         Gene Hiller Men's Wear, Sausalito, CA:  implemented an on-line point of sale system in a Novell LAN environment with touch screen data input.

·         Neil Pryde Sails, Hong Kong:  created an agent's sail price estimation and order entry system.

·         Allertec, San Francisco, CA:  built a multi-window medical management and reporting system involving an allergy testing spectrometer, multi-color reports and physician review and recommendation procedures.




Ph. D.     Computer Science, Columbia Pacific University

M. S.       Physics, University of Chicago

M. A.      Physics, Washington University

                Physics, University of Chicago and Boston University - completed course work for Ph. D.

B  S.        Chemical Engineering, Purdue University