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I am a seasoned software engineer. I have more than twenty years experience with website design, website development, software engineering, software development, consulting, and software design. I use PHP, MySQL, HTML, Ajax, jQuery, JavaScript, JSON, Dreamweaver, Photoshop and many other tools for website design and development. I am a competent C/C++/C# programmer for projects requiring knowledge of network protocols, database management systems and imaging. What can I do to help you?

Software Engineering and Website Design TO THE MAX!!

      "I Can Make Your Web A Site!"

            "I Can Make Your Net Work!"

                  "I Can Make Your Net Worth!"

                        "I Can Make Your Cash Flow!"

                              "I Can Make Your Business Grow!"

Mission Statement

  • To make your life easier by providing understandable and insightful explanations to your technical problems
  • To make informative and intuitive suggestions which will quickly, practically and economically lead to solutions
  • To supply innovative results increasing your profitability

Jerome Freedman, Ph. D.

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The Technical Committee

The Technical Committee (TheTC) was appointed by the Department of Justice to make sure that Microsoft Corporation complies with the settlement agreement reached in November, 2002. Since September, 2004, I have made substantial contributions to the efforts of TheTC along the lines of writing protocol interpreters of Microsoft proprietary networking protocols for Ethereal and other analyzers, validating protocols seen on the wire with respect to the Technical Documents (TD) provided by Microsoft in compliance with the settlement agreement, parsing 46,000+ XML versions of the TD's using PHP into a comprehensive MySQL database, and contributing in many other areas. Approximately 45 engineers had jobs with TheTC because of a presentation I made in December of 2004. TheTC was disbanded on May 11, 2011, as Microsoft was declared to be in compliance.

Sitesell Experts

Judd Burdon is one of the leading internet marketers. He publishes a newsletter ever month. Jewelry By Mala was reviewed in his last newsletter. He also put Jerome's SBI! Story on his webste at http://www.sitesellexperts.com/jerome-sbi-story.html. This is what he had to say in an email to me:

This is absolutely fantastic and it will be up today and in my newsletter.

My Best,

Judd Burdon

Marin Professionals

I presented a seminar on Internet Marketing at Marin Professionals on July 12, 2004. Please see our online busines pages for more information and register to get a copy of the PowerPoint Presentation that I used. Your feedback is important to me!

Internet Marketing Center

I was interviewed for Secrets to Their Success by the staff of Internet Marketing Center about Jewels By Mala for the August, 2004 issue. Secrets to Their Success is a subscription-based web site.

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I own or have a vested interest in the following sites:

In addition to this list, I have contributed to the following sites:

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Services Offered

  • MySQL and PHP eCommerce "web-a-sites" - click here for a sample
  • Custom dynamic web page design - click here for a sample
  • Web-a-site maintenance - click here for a sample
  • Software engineering and consulting services
  • Network protocol interpretation and analysis
  • Custom programming
  • Training and tutoring in common software packages, the internet, chemistry, physics, and math
  • Software and hardware installation and troubleshooting
  • FREE website development with a joint venture agreement
  • Expert witness

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Hi Jerome:

Just a note to thank you for your diligence in getting the bugs out of my website. I appreciate your willingness to talk down to my level of "inexpertise", and also your guidance as to what the web-surfing public expects from a site and how to get me there, quickly and cost-effectively. My appreciation was heightened by my experience with another developer, who lacked your ability to communicate and your commitment to professionalism. I look forward to working with you again as my site evolves.

John Fyten

Thanks for the good work. I appreciated the quick response & I am glad you were able to resolve the problem without a major change to the software.

Jim K. - AAE Systems

We have been developing a client-server Network Management System at AAE Systems for quite some time, and we were baffled for several weeks by mysterious disruptions in our socket communications. Mr. Freedman came on board to help us tackle this issue, and his methodical approach reflected his expertise in the area. Mr. Freedman pinpointed the cause of the problem and offered a solution that was both elegant and efficient in an amount of time significantly shorter than we had expected. Socket communication between the client and server components of our product have been working flawlessly ever since.

Silvio L. de O. - AAE Systems

Thank you so much for all your good work on roballenusa.com! Your ability to translate a mockup design into a full-featured ecommerce site was astounding. In addition to completing everything on-time and within budget, I also appreciated all of the programming tips you gave along the way. Although web design is still a bit mysterious to me, I feel like I have a better understanding of what is possible. Thanks again for everything.

Aaron L.

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Satisfied Customers

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Earn Referral Fees!

Referral fees awarded for new business!

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Professional background

Over 20 years of expertise in:

    • Website design and development
    • Network monitoring and profiling
      • HTTP - world wide web protocol
      • SMTP - email send protocol
      • POP3 - email receive protocol
      • FTP - file transfer protocol
    • Relational database management
      • Oracle
      • Sybase
      • Microsoft SQL Server
      • Informix
      • cTree
      • cForm
      • MySQL
    • Image processing
    • Programming
      • C, C++
      • PHP, Perl
      • Java, Java Script
      • Windows, Linux, Unix, Solaris

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Contact Information

Jerome Freedman, Ph. D.
PO Box 665
Larkspur, CA 94977
(415) 461-6476
(501) 639-6602 fax

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