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MICro Applications and Hardware (MICAH) was established in Sausalito, CA in 1979. Here is our contact information:

Jerome Freedman, Ph. D.
PO Box 665
Larkspur, CA 94965
(415) 461-6476
(415) 331-1313 fax
email: jerome@micah-affiliates.com
web: MICAH Affiliates (http://micah-affiliates.com)
web: Jobs Are Us (http://MICAH-Affiliates)
web: Jewels By Mala (http://jewelsbymala.com)
web: Jewelry By Mala (http://jewelrybymala.com)
web: Real Estate Leads (http://r-leads.com)
web: The Enneagram in the Electronic Tradition (http://enneagram-instrument.org)
web: Cancer Resources (http://yellowstream.org)

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