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Job Related Links

Pat Franklyn Associates, Inc. - http://pfastaff.com

Micro Applications & Hardware - http://micah-affiliates.com




JobBank USA - http://www.jobbankusa.com

Federal Resources

The list of websites and telephone numbers below contain valuable Federal Employment information:

Office of Personnel Management http://www.opm.gov

USAJOBS Database http://www.usajobs.opm.gov

FirstGov http://firstgov.com

FedWorld.gov http://www.fedworld.gov

Federal Information Center http://www.info.gov

White House http://www.whitehouse.gov

Senate http://www.senate.gov

Congress http://www.house.gov

Legislative - http://thomas.loc.gov/

Judiciary - http://www.uscourts.gov/

USAJOBS Automated Telephone System (478) 757-3000 or TDD (478) 744-2299

Friends and Family

Jewels By Mala - Wholesale prices on high quality fine jewelry, pearls, and antique embroideries.

Wholesale Jewelry - Wholesale prices on high quality fine jewelry, pearls, and antique embroideries.

The Enneagram in the Electronic Tradition - More information about this valuable assessment tool.

Yellow Stream - A cancer diary and resources on how you can help fight back.

Mountain Sangha - A Buddhist meditation group in Mill Valley.

Micah Freedman's website.

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Jewels By Mala