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Affiliate Programs

Internet Marketing Presentation Affiliate programs should be taken seriously. As you will see as you research this topic more fully that many people are making lots of money just working from their home. We recommend that you click here to register so we can send you a link to our Internet Marketing presentation. This presentation is accompanied by many interesting ideas and opportunities to help you get going.

Your own ebusiness is a good activity to pursue while you are waiting for your next full-time job. In fact, it has become so for me! As long as you are keeping busy learning about internet marketing, you won't have time to feel the pain of not working.

Recommended Programs

For my money, the first two affiliate programs are the best I have found. However if you are serious about internet marketing, you should check out some of the other recommendations

Jewels By Mala

This is the site that propelled me into a successful internet marketing career. The design and implementation of the site is clean and the pictures of the jewels are excellent.

As an affiliate of Jewels By Mala, you earn a nice bounty for every customer you refer to our site. Click on the link to find out more.

Internet Marketing Center

The Internet Marketing Center was one of the first sites I looked at when I started learning about internet marketing. They provided me with much valuable information about how to get started. I purchased Insider Secrets to Email Marketing which led to many other benefits. They reviewed Jewels By Mala for their subscription only web site, Secrets to Their Success. I'm afraid you'll have to subscribe to see what they said, or simply call or email me and I'll point you to a private link.

Amazon Amazon had one of the first affiliate programs, and I guess that it is the largest.
Commission Junction

This is a classic depository for many companies offering affiliate program. Once you sign up as a "publisher", you will choose the programs that you want to activate and start sending them referrals. You do this by placing banner ads and/or text ads on your website.

Adreporting.com Adreporting.com is very similar to Commission Junction. They have good tools to explain how to use cost per click (CPC aka PPC, i. e. Pay Per Click) to generate income.
Clickbank Quite possible the largest affiliate clearinghouse on the net. Clickbank however only provides 'digital' products - ie, e-books and the like. These sell well.

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Jewels By Mala