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Auction Sellers

If you sell products or services on internet auction sites, you can greatly enhance your business by having an online presence. Internet Marketing Presentation For information click here to register for instructions on how you can obtain a FREE copy of our presentation on Internet Marketing. From there you can branch out to create the best materials for your website, but you must register to get the password.

A Net Auction business may be the world's most perfect entry into e-commerce. It's fun, easy, cheap and fast -- you can even start with less-treasured items stored in your basement, attic or closet, if you want! Consider the benefits... minimal start-up costs, total absence of the need for any programming and technical expertise, lots of actively searching and targeted traffic, world-wide social interaction with people who love the same things, flexibility and the list goes on and on. What could be better?

But like any business, offline or online, there is a right way and a wrong to go about it. Most folks start wrong... and keep going down that wrong road. They may get off to a fast start... but they eventually realize that they've built nothing... and that they essentially work for eBay.

And that is where MICAH Affiliates comes to the Netrepreneur's rescue (hopefully before s/he needs rescuing, actually!). MICAH Affiliates, as a company, is an all-encompassing resource guide that provides nuts-and-bolts strategies and ideas to build a successful Net Auction business, from the ground up.

Although eBay would like you to think differently, there is much more to a Net auction business than simply registering at eBay, listing items and then waiting for the auction to finish. A Net auction business is a "real" business that takes effort, commitment and smarts. MICAH Affiliates look after the "smarts" part of the deal with its comprehensive guidance.

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