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Service Sellers

If you are a service seller, you can grately enhance your business by having an online presence. Internet Marketing Presentation For more information click here to register for instructions on how you can obtain a FREE copy of our presentation on Internet Marketing, but you must register to get the password. Look at these facts:

Fact #1

The sale of a service is basically the sale of specialized time... someone with a specific knowledge or ability sells hours which deliver solutions required by a "client."

Fact #2

The Net is largely used by people to search for specialized information and solutions!

Fact #3

The "delivery" of a service is frictionless. In other words, you do not have to pick-pack-and-ship products (the way Amazon does, for example).


There is no better way to grow your service-delivery business than through a Web site that works. The basic concept is so obvious...

STEP 1) An over-busy surfer who needs your service, during a quest for information or a solution, finds you, a service seller who OVERdelivers that sought-after info through your Web site.

STEP 2) The surfer is PREsold (i.e., you gain trust and credibility).

STEP 3) The surfer wants more information, signs up for your specialized e-zine.

STEP 4) It's a matter of time before that surfer contacts you or sends that first "RFQ" ("Request for Quote").

It is all so obvious. And yet... the selling of services through the Net is, by far, the most overlooked opportunity today.

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